To Whom It May Concern

Effectiveness of Reiki and Holistic Pulsing by Tricia.

I received three sessions of Reiki and Holistic Pulsing from Tricia, to assist me to deal with several emotional issues which were causing considerable difficulties at the time. This was my first exposure to Reiki and Holistic Pulsing.

The sessions themselves were extremely relaxing and resulted in a feeling of great peacefulness and calm which lasted well after the sessions had finished. I experienced a feeling of physical warmth during the sessions, and could feel heat in the vicinity of Tricia's hands. I am convinced that the sessions brought lasting beneficial change.

As well as the three sessions in person, Tricia also practised "distant healing" on me using Reiki techniques and a photo of myself. At times I was able to detect when Tricia started and stopped the distant healing by the feeling of peace and warmth that came over me, and verified some of the times with her later.

I had commenced going to an osteopath just prior to the Reiki sessions, both the osteopath and Tricia detected the need for healing in the same areas of my chest and back. Tricia did this by detecting heat in the area without her hands touching it. When I returned to the osteopath, after one session of Reiki with Tricia, he noticed a significant change and said that I need not come again.

My own conclusion was that Reiki and Holistic Pulsing via Tricia achieved results more gently and painlessly than with prior treatments given by others.

I have no hesitation in recommending to anyone that they experience Reiki and Holistic Pulsing with Tricia for any healing needed (physical, emotional or spiritual).

Wollstonecraft, NSW.
​Thanks Tricia, I feel great. Wow, you're talented.
Guyra, NSW
​Just had the most amazing massage at Country Harmony thanks to Trish. Guys she is brilliant. I highly recommend her. She is located at The Hub at Guyra. Can I say again, just amazing.
Guyra, NSW
Tricia, Country Harmony, is awesome at massages and relaxation. I highly recommend her.
Guyra, NSW
Dear Tricia,

I am overwhelmed how fantastic you and your programs are. Thank you for all your help and the trouble you have gone to.

You have a great gift to share and I would certainly recommend your professional services to anyone who is looking for relaxing alternate therapies.


Armidale, NSW
Dear Tricia,

Feeling great after your beautiful and very relaxing massage. Thank you so much.

Brisbane, QLD
Dear Tricia,

Very powerful work you do. Thank you.


Armidale, NSW
Dear Tricia,

​Feeling fantastic following your massage/natural therapies. Thank you.

Eumundi, QLD
​Dear Tricia,

​Loved the massage and natural therapies. My sciatic pain has not troubled me since my session with you. Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated.

Eastwood, NSW
​Thanks Tricia,

​Am feeling wonderful and have slept soundly since my massages.

Armidale, NSW
Dear Tricia,

Thank you. I slept well and feel more relaxed now. See you on my return. Regards.

Hunter Valley, NSW
​Thanks Tricia,

I feel wonderful.

Guyra, NSW
Thanks Tricia,

I'm feeling great.

Guyra, NSW
Trish was absolutely fantastic!!

Her room had a calming environment, comfortable table and very clean. Trish was completely professional, friendly, incredibly talented and had perfect pressure.

Before the session she asked for a few spots that might need extra attention and she went above and beyond with those, adding some Reiki therapy and stretching along with the relaxing massage.

I have had many massages and I can honestly say that Trish was one of the absolute best I've ever had. I highly recommend her!

SR via Google
Guyra, NSW
I had the most beautiful relaxing massage by Tricia she works her magic hands to distress you or for a gentle healing on areas in need of repair. The sound of relaxing music and the faint subtle calming perfume wafting in the air adds to the perfect peaceful experience. Thank you Tricia.
MH via Facebook
Armidale, NSW
​Thank you for the wonderful massage. I am feeling much better now.
Sydney, NSW
​Thanks Tricia, Am feeling relaxed and pain free.
Glen Innes, NSW
After suffering for almost 4 days with a migraine, after a few hours of treatment I walked out a new woman. Fantastic treatment and so very relaxing. Thank you so much. Would recommend to everyone.
BR via Facebook
Guyra, NSW
Wonderful massage and natural therapies session. Pain relieved. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Highly Recommended.
AJ via Facebook
Armidale, NSW
I booked in every second day for a week when I was in Guyra. It was the most relaxing, wonderful treatment. Thank you so much for your caring and taking the time to work on the sore areas that needed attention. I would recommend these treatments to anyone.
DL via Facebook
Sydney, NSW
Wow! After experiencing years of back and neck pain I attended a session with Country Harmony and have now been pain free for several months.
TS via Facebook
Sydney, NSW
Thanks Trish. I had an amazing massage, feeling so much better.
Guyra, NSW
Gorgeous healing experience. Well worth making an appointment with Patricia. Relaxation, healing, comfort and very affordable. Your body will thank you for the experience.
LF via Facebook
Uralla, NSW
Tricia, just wanted to thank you so much. I knew I was tight, sore and tense, but didn't realise how much. Feel great, almost euphoric.
Glencoe, NSW
Thank you Tricia. Feeling much better.
Broken Hill, NSW
Many thanks Tricia, am feeling really good. You will be seeing me again.
Armidale, NSW
To Tricia, Country Harmony Guyra.
I want to thank you for the improvement in my health which has been confirmed by my doctors after receiving Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Detox Therapy from you recently. I have had radiation therapy and chemotherapy for cancer in my lymph nodes on my neck which showed traces of blue under various CT Scans. My Radiation Oncologist has been monitoring my lymph nodes on a monthly basis and was considering an operation to remove them. After receiving several sessions of Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Detox Therapy from you, the oncologists said the Oncologists said the lymph nodes no longer have to be removed as there is no sign of cancer. My cancer medication has been terminated and he advised that I should continue with the assistance you are providing me. Some of my blood pressure medication has been greatly reduced. My hair is returning to black from the previous grey colour, my skin no longer appears grey and my vision is becoming clearer after each visit with you. I have also seen the Chemotherapy Oncologist and he concurs with the Radiation Oncologist and the Oncology Team regarding my improvement. 
Once again, thanks Tricia.

Guyra, NSW